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R&M presents VisualMaker, a Software as a Service (SaaS) helping you to create images from your content with ready to use templates. Including them in your presentations will help you better present, communicate your ideas and engage with others. 

We all know that...

Making regulatory plans with timelines and milestones burn a lot of time and energy.

Making a nice Project Timeline to communicate with an audience (e.g. Management board, R&D team, Health Authorities, Notified Bodies) and to keep track of it during the project development could take even more time.

We all want to...

Have a simple tool to generate a professional Project Timeline at a glance and with a high visual impact.

Avoid losing time and energy when updating a Project Timeline.

Place our focus and energy more on the content than on the form.

Have a template with a consistent output but flexible enough for changing colors and items without any issues.

Project Timeline by VisualMaker

VisualMaker’s Project Timeline is a fully private online template editor for creating your Project Timelines. It requires no installation and is fully text based.

The VisualMaker’s team has developed a unique and smart interactive web editor helping you create a Project Timeline image with your data at a glance. You will have the time now to focus on the content and generate a beautiful and consistent image to communicate your Regulatory Strategy with your stakeholders. The image creation is done entirely in your browser without transmitting your data anywhere on the web. The editor can be used with all modern web browsers and does not require any installation on your machine.

Fully online (No installation)

Totally private/secured 

Easy to use 

Downloadable in PNG format

Dynamic size

Text-based technology (Customizable)

1, 2, 3 - How to create a Project Timeline with VisualMaker

Step 1 – Edit your text using some pre-programmed keywords (e.g. title, project, from, to, color, note) on the left panel of the template.

Step 2- The Project Timeline will be automatically and directly displayed on the right panel of the template.

Step 3 – Download your Project Timeline in a PNG format and use it in your documents (presentations, etc.).

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